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Nancy and I are beginning to be successful in buying and holding rentals, and a component of that has been your MAREI organization and the people you've had as guests.  We thank you for good REIA and all the influential real estate and investing people you've brought in these last few years.

Bret & Nancy Hoover Highland Property Management

What we heard on Tuesday (at the meeting)made light bulbs go off in our heads. We are looking forward to the seminar this Saturday and finding out what the contract wording should be and how we can get started buying houses using this method right away. We have a loathing for banks, who have brainwashed everyone into believing in the 30-year mortgage and paying them three times what the home is worth.

You are running a first rate organization and Gene and I are very happy to be a part of it. I only wish we had known about your group when you first started it. We had a good response at our table and a lot of people needed help with their own chimneys as well as their rental chimneys. This is an area that most people don't think about until the deal has gone through, then they find that there is a lot of extra expense they need to do to get the chimney to working order. There were also a number of realtors we connected with who are interested in using us for inspections for their buyers. 

RE Vendor Table at Meeting Marge Padgitt www.ChimKC.com

It was my first visit. I learned a lot a lot from the presentation about rehabs. afterwards chatted with a diverse group of folks from beginners like myself to those with much more experience. I'd say the organizers have done a great job creating a welcoming , supportive, and informative ( and absolutely unpretentious ) atmosphere. I plan to join and return. Thanks ! Good stuff!

Bruce Eggers

  You do such a great job at bringing in great ideas & speakers, we are so very happy we joined MAREI this year!.
- Kara Knisely Platinum Realty www.the KniselyTeam.com
I went to the MAREI meeting the other night and was very impressed with the quality of people I meant, as well as the content that was presented. Thank you for putting that on, and I look forward to next month’s meeting!
- Joe McDonald Real Estate Investor www.SquareOnePropertyGroup.com
I just wanted to share with you that my most recent Home Depot rebate check was $349.94 !! Wahoo! It’s like free money :o)
- Christoph Becker Real Estate Investor www.BluePrintProperties.com


After spending thousands of dollars with several different gurus, and learning something from all of them, I joined MAREI, our local KC real estate investors association, 4 years ago and I have learned more by being a member, attending the meetings, networking, visiting the members pages, as well as the MAREI site, and just associating with like minded people than all the courses I bought from the gurus. They are all way overpriced. You can check out most any course of interest from MAREI, or attend special classes they sponsor and learn about any phase of real estate you wish.  I met the speaker after one meeting and have teamed up with him and have made more and learned more from dealing and associating with him than any course I ever bought.

Save your hard earned dollars, join MAREI for $99 yr and have more benefits and learn from other members as you need to do so. Develop friends and associations that will endure and enhance your real estate investing from now on. You will be glad you did.

- Don Sanders Real Estate Investor
I thought it was a great group the first meeting I attended . . . Everyone was really friendly and seemed really interested in helping the other members. So, I thought maybe I might be interested in owning some property of my own someday but before I do, I better learn something .  . . . I joined in the hopes of growing my business by offering a quality product at a very reasonable price.
- Karl Dunivent Cabinet Supplier www.ChoiceCabinet.com
Since joining MAREI, Kerry and I have gotten quite a bit out of our membership. The main reason for joining was to meet with other Real Estate Investors in the Kansas City area. Not only have we done that but we have also received access to services from other MAREI members, among them rehab insurance and a general contractor.
- Tami & Kerry Hardinger Real Estate Investors

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