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MAREI Master Class: 2-for-1: How to get the off-market deals you’ve been looking for PLUS high-profit, low-competition land investing!

with... Kathy Kennebrook

We hear “There are no good deals” & “There’s too much competition”. Get BOTH of those issues out of your life, learn how to actually make direct mail work for you & then how investing in & flipping land is the great ‘unknown’ strategy of the moment.

2 for 1 Online Masterclass:

How to Use Direct Mail RIGHT to Get the Off-Market Deal You’ve Been Looking for
PLUS How to Invest in and Flip LAND for High Profit (with Low Competition)

(PHP credits: 2 hours marketing, 1 hour negotiation, 2 hours purchasing, 1 hour exit strategies [What’s This?])

How are some of your real estate friends finding great deals and making big profits in a market where YOU might be struggling to find anything that seems like a money-maker?

One of their secrets is simple: they’re finding off-market deals that aren’t available to every Tom, Dick, and Harriett with an internet connection.

You need to learn that, too, and there’s no one better to teach you how than Kathy Kennebrook, who uses direct mail (and refined mailing lists, and a follow-up system) to find 2-3 great deals on everything from houses to rehab to rentals to keep to land to invest in EVERY MONTH.

That’s why we’ve asked her to show you exactly how to: 

  • Create the right messages to get the right (motivated) sellers contacting you with the details you need to make offers, fast
  • Stop wasting your money on lists that don’t work
  • Implement a simple system to manage and track your marketing, your sellers, your buyers and your deals so you can get huge profits coming in fast
  • Automate your follow up with prospective sellers so get the deal when they’re ready to sell. This one thing—that most of your competitors don’t do—will make you thousands each year.
  • Use phone scripts to pre-screen sellers quickly and efficiently—and never get stuck wondering what to say next
  • Make deals right on the phone before you ever go see a property
  • The 24 additional unique marketing techniques to build your lead base and let even more motivated sellers know you buy and sell houses

But that’s not the only thing that your successful colleagues are doing; they’re also exploring alternative assets to invest in, that are less competitive (and therefore less overpriced!) than residential properties.

 Kathy has been doing this for YEARS, and her favorite high profit/low competition strategy is vacant land.

 So after our lunch break, she’s going to share:

  • Why the ‘vacant land’ niche—which most of your competitors don’t even know about, much less pursue—might be the easiest and most profitable you’ll ever get into
  • Why sellers of vacant land are some of the most motivated you’ll ever work with
  • Your best sources for finding pennies-on-the-dollar vacant land leads: direct mail, quit claim deeds, tax certificates, and more...
  • How to find the owners of vacant land (even when they don’t want to be found)
  • How to start from scratch and complete your first deal within 45 days
  • 10 different techniques to flip vacant land quickly, and 24 ways to LEASE vacant land for long term income
  • The EXTREME importance of due diligence when buying vacant land

There’s No Way You Should Miss this Masterclass--
And No Reason You Have to, Since the Price is Low and
Every Registrant Gets the Recordings…

 This all-day class with one of the most successful, experienced investors we know is just $67 for members ($47 when you register by July 11th!) or $127 for non-members* ($97 by July 11th)

 AND, if you can’t be on Zoom on the 13th, you’ll still get the recordings of the class for your real estate library afterward!

Click the bottom below to get your link and learn to find more deals, and different deals, than you are right now!

 *Since it only costs $25 a month to be a member, and take advantage of all of our awesome events and benefits for the next 30 days, and you can quit anytime, and that saves you $50, maybe you should just go here and join before registering…

 (Express Success Members free)

Date: Saturday, July 13, 2024
Time: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Early Bird Special Pricing...
Up To 7/11/2024
Members: $47.00 -- Non-Members: $97.00

Regular Price
Members: $67.00 -- Non-Members: $127.00

PHP Credits:
  • Marketing (2.00 hours)
  • Negotiation (1.00 hours)
  • Purchasing (2.00 hours)
  • Exit Strategies (1.00 hours)
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 Date and Time
Saturday, July 13, 2024
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM


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