Joining Efforts to Protect Our Homes

Freedom First REIA, LTD


There is no doubt a national crisis upon us when it comes to health, work and our homes. Millions of Americans are faced with joblessness amidst the current pandemic. With the loss of income and/or the loss of health, a domino effect has occurred and has impacted almost every area of our lives.

Currently we all are experiencing tension in the face of an uncertain future. Whether that be health, career or home, we all have something at stake. When it comes to the housing market, there are several points of impact, from the renter to the investor or landlord.

For landlords, renting out property is a means of revenue. For some, this is their only means of income. Renters and landlords are both facing dire circumstances from either side of the spectrum.

Thankfully, there are organizations getting involved and working hard to see that individuals on all sides are being represented. Under One Roof Coalition as well as FFREIA are  pushing forward to help both tenants and property owners. Through the National Apartment Association, we are asking Congress to help renters & property owners to recover from COVID-19 and the housing issues it’s caused.

To help, please visit: and follow the link from the homepage.

As a reminder, due to Covid-19 we’ve moved our meetings online via Zoom. Next Thursday, April 9th, we will have Jaime Cain, Esq. from Boylan Code LLP as our guest speaker for the Freedom First General meeting. Jaime is the attorney and leader behind our efforts associated with Under One Roof. For more details or to register, follow this link:

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