Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors

Friday August 26th - 2:00 PM:  Your Computer


Contract to Closing

Come join us at MAREI on Friday August 26th at 2:00 on Your Computer and learn how to take a deal from the signing of the contract to gettingpaid with our special guest, MAREI Business Member Dave Green from Accurate Title.

We have been getting a lot of questions on how to get a transaction closed from a standard basic transaction to a wholesale assignment deal to createive deals.  Dave Green is going to join us for about an hour on Friday to go over some of the top questions he receives from investor buyers when they are going through their first deals.

Tuesday September 13th, @ 6:00 PM - Holiday Inn, 8787 Reeder Road, OPKS

 MAREI Monthly Meeting


Negotiating 0% Seller Financing and
Finding No Money Down Deals

Join us Tuesday September 13th at 6pm at the Holiday Inn at 8787 Reeder Road in Overland Park to learn how to build and maintain real wealth through the use of real estate investments with Chris McClatchey.

Chis has developed a systematic approach to investing which involves his "Power of Zero" technique to purchase 80 rental units, valued at over $5 million dollars, in the just a year and a half with No MoneyD own and / or with Zero Percent Financing.  He is going to teach you how you can do it too!

Chis will show you exactly how to implement the his L.O.A.N. process:  how to generate teh right kind of LEAD, the exact language to use in your OFFERS, ANALYZE according to your portfolio objective and most importantly, to know how to communicate for a successful NEGOTIATION.  All combined, will get the properties in your portfolio massively profitable.

Be sure to bring deal flyers and business cards for networking and a notepad because you will want to take notes as Chris will be covering a lot in a really short time:

  • What is a Portfolio Objective and why it guides your entire investing focus
  • Generate Leads nobody else has access to
  • Take control away from the banks
  • Learn why Price is irrelevant
  • Understand how to make other investors your unwitting ally
  • How to find your "Why"

Why attend this month's meeting?  Most investors have no clue how to put together a creative transaction.  Ask Around, most are trying to find funding and never ever think about getting creative.  When you master the Power of ZERO and implement Chris L.O.A.N Process, you will be well on your way to true wealth.

TAKE ACTION and RSVP for this Meeting Now!  Come learn how to buy houses with 0% Seller Financing with Little to No Money Down!

As always MAREI Members* can attend the event at no charge and Non-Members can Register Online for $15 or pay $25 at the door.  Be sure to bring your business cards and flyers and join us at 6:00 to network, share deals, meet vendors and more.  See you there!

Saturday September 17th, @ 8:00 am- Holiday Inn, 8787 Reeder Road, OPKS

One Day Workshop

T. E. R.M.S.

The Exclusive Real Estate 
Millionaire System

Real Estate investing is supposed to lead to extra cash, provide you with extra time and create massive amounts of wealth, so you can be free from the financial pressures of everyday life.

The challenge is you don’t have any leads…. you’re not doing any deals… and you’re frustrated with all of the competition from other investors.

After teaching us the POWER of ZERO Percent Interest and his L.O.A.N.S. process on Tuesday night, he is going to come back on Saturday to wrap it all up and show you how to become wealthy.

He has been investing for over 15 years and will share with you how to give the seller EXACTLY what they need to sell you their property, while you get EXACTLY what you want to make it a profitable deal.  Plus how to do it with out competition from other investors.

  • How to find leads other investors just can't
  • How to put $1000 in your pocket at closing
  • How to get to FREE & CLEAR in less time
  • How to talk to Sellers to get them the Finance and at 0%
  • How to double and triple the number of deals you are doing 
  • and more!!

Chis is the real deal and he knows how to explain things so they are simple and easy to understand and better yet, take home and implement.

HOWEVER, you can't learn if you don't attend.  So start the first two steps to being wealthy in real estate and that is (1) taking action and (2) attending to learn.

Early bird pricing on this event through September 14th will save you $20 each off regular prices and note Member pricing is $30 less than Non-Member Pricing.  That means a member who registers early can save FIFTY BUCKS from the non-member who waits till the last minute to register!


11307 Manchester Ave, Kansas City, MO
11307 Manchester Ave, Kansas City, MO

  $29,900.00   For Sale   Available  

3 BR / 1 BA - 936 Sq Ft

5020 N Lister Ave, Kansas City, MO
5020 N Lister Ave, Kansas City, MO

  $52,500.00   For Sale   Available  

Rehab project in North Kansas City
3 BR / 2 BA - 1,053 Sq Ft

2840 Tepee Ave, Independence, MO
2840 Tepee Ave, Independence, MO

  $85,000.00   For Sale   Available  

Rehab project in Independence - NOT ON MLS!
3 BR / 2 BA - 1,403 Sq Ft

4717 Conser St, Overland Park, KS
4717 Conser St, Overland Park, KS

  $132,500.00   For Sale   Available  

Cheap house in OP with large lot in secluded neighborhood
3 BR / 1 BA - 1,462 Sq Ft

812 W forest Dr, Olathe, KS
812 W forest Dr, Olathe, KS

  $67,500.00   For Sale   Available  

Half Duplex that has 2 large living areas, 3 Good Size Bedrooms.
3 BR / 2 BA - 840 Sq Ft

Oakland Ave, Kansas City, KS
Oakland Ave, Kansas City, KS

  $40,000.00   For Sale   Available  

Rehabbed Duplex For Sale
2 BR / 2 BA - 960 Sq Ft

10701 Hickman Mills Dr, Kansas City, MO
10701 Hickman Mills Dr, Kansas City, MO

  $175,000.00   For Sale   Available  

7 Units Turn Key Property Package For Sale
2 BR